Catastrophe Cosmetic | Lush Fresh Face Mask

October 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Good morning beautifuls!

Here comes another Lush post where I’ll be reviewing one of their masks on this lovely Saturday. The mask that I bought about two weeks ago was the Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask! This blueberry scented mask is meant to cool and calm troubled skin, as well as deep clean the skin. If you recall, the last time I bought the Cosmetic Warrior mask, I was actually deciding between that one and this Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. They both have soothing properties that are supposed to target troubled skin. At the time though, I leaned towards the Cosmetic Warrior because of the garlic ingredient that was used inside (which is supposed to be great for combating acne and blackheads).

Seeing that Catastrophe Cosmetic was supposed to have a similar effect on the skin, I decided to give it a try. I have to say, I was highly disappointed with this one :(. Normally, a huge Lush fan, I was quite surprised that I didn’t like this product so much. I guess this mask is just not for me.
Some of the things that I noticed already from the first use was that the mask came on very dry. A couple minutes after the mask was settling it, pieces would already be crumbling off. This makes the ordeal quite messy, since I usually like to sit up and read while having a mask on! The other thing is that during the process, the cooling effect did not really last long. The other Lush masks that I used had a much longer-lasting cooling feel (especially the Magnaminty one!). This one…not so much. Finally, as for the skin, I didn’t quite feel a change after each use. Yes, it cleans it, but shouldn’t all masks do this as a basic step? It really did not leave my skin feel any better than before I applied the mask. With all their other masks, I felt an immediate effect.


If you’re interested, I’ve also done reviews on Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior, Oatifix and Mask of Magnaminty!

The nice thing that I do have to say about the product is the Blueberry smell. Lush wins for consistency there! However, I’ve come to terms that the Catastrophe Cosmetic is just not for me. I’m really curious in hearing about your experience with this mask? Do you think I might have just picked up the wrong container? I’m almost tempted to give the product a try again, but will mostly like move on and stick with the old or try yet another new mask! Please share, I’d really love to hear!



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