DIY: Jewelry Board

October 5, 2014 § 2 Comments

One of the things I love doing at home is cleaning and organizing! I’m not kidding, but spending a lazy afternoon sorting through old books, cabinets and de-cluttering gives me such satisfaction. One thing that I’ve come to appreciate from travelling back and forth during college is “the art of” simplicity and a minimalist lifestyle. I used to be a huge hoarder, keeping literally everything from old class notes (from elementary school) to old ticket stubs. Now, I’m not saying I’ve completely become the opposite, throwing everything out, but let’s just say I’ve become a little more selective with what I keep and what I toss. In case you’re wondering, ticket stubs = still keep, lol.

So this past week, I was going through the apartment to see what was still left to unpack (yes, I’m a little behind that, even though I’ve moved back to Canada for a couple months now). And alas, I came across an old bulletin board that I used to have up in my old room. I was thinking of hanging it up, but actually found another one that I had bought in addition to this small one a few years back. So, I thought, instead of donating one of the boards, why not use it for a DIY project that I’ve wanted to try for a long time: a jewelry board, perfect for necklaces in particular. Side note: I have a huge pet peeve for necklaces getting tangled. I get so frustrated trying to deknot them or detangle them, urgh!!

Another things about this project is that I was absolute set on using whatever I could find at home to work with, so I didn’t have to go out and buy more to make use of something old. Remember, the point of this was to re-use and de-clutter! Not…buy more to de-clutter. Anyway, I ended up finding a stack of old scrapbook paper with interesting designs, which I used to make this jewelry board look fancier.


For this project, you’ll need // 

-Bulletin board
-Board pins
-Crazy glue
-Scrapbook paper (or wrapping paper)

Steps //

1. Take your bulletin board and clear off everything from the face, since you’ll be covering the board up with paper, it’s important to get rid of any bumps that might interfere with it. You want to be able to work with a clean surface.


2. Choose the type of background you want for your board. I luckily found some scrapbook paper. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a large piece that could cover the entire board, so I had to overlap the paper. The nice thing is that the design was busy enough that it didn’t look to obvious that it was several pieces of paper overlaping on top of each other. I also decided to use two different designs, the darker shade creating a crisp top bolder (see finished product pictures to see what I’m talking about). I thought this added a bold touch, but again this step gives you the most freedom in what kind of “mood” you want your jewelry board to have.


3. The nice thing about my board was that I could slip the edges of the paper underneath the frame. This held the paper in place and I simply used crazy glue at places where I saw that the paper was trying to stick out. My hesitation in using too much glue (or tape in general) was because I didn’t want it to interfere with the board bins. Also, it could allow me change the design easily if I wanted to in the future.


4. I also cut out little phrases and used them as bobby pin placements of where I wanted them to be placed. Not to mention, I’m kind of a sucker for these little cute inspirational phrases, haha.


5. And there we go–the finished product after less than an hour! Sorry for the change lighting! Moving from the office to the kitchen lets in a different kind of natural lighting sometimes.

image imageimageJust a note about hanging your necklaces, you can put the pins a little closer if you want to use two to hang a necklace. That way you can really show off the necklace’s full design while it’s on your board, like shown above.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY project! :) Definitely check out Pininterest for more craft ideas for this. If I had to re-do this project, I’d love to try some lace embroidery and lace it across the board in two or three horizontal lines. This would be cute for hanging earrings!





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