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This past week has been so ridiculously busy with graduation celebrations and ceremonies all smushed together! I finally had a chance to breathe today and take pictures! I still can’t believe my four years in Los Angeles has passed by so quickly and currently the quote “the days are long, but the years are short” just seems so relevant.

I’m off to Seattle tomorrow and I will definitely try my best to blog and keep everyone up to date with my adventures!

But, for now, here is my outfit of the day! It’s a casual dress with a fancy twist, as I like to describe it as. The front looks like a regular print dress but the back lace detail adds a little something special. I paired this with my brown summer sandals from Forever 21.

Outfit Details:
Dress // Forever 21
Shoes // Forever 21

I didn’t even realize that my whole outfit was from Forever 21, haha. Enjoy!



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