Spring Closet Cleaning Guide

March 25, 2014 § 4 Comments

Ok, so spring is finally here and the flowers are blooming and the birds are out singing! But let’s face one dreadful issue that we’ve been pushing back every season, which is…drumroll please? Spring cleaning! In particularly, spring closet cleaning. I don’t know about you all, but when I think about cleaning my closet, I absolutely dread it and want to burrow under my blankets and not have to face it. But, after having a free-ish Saturday afternoon (finally), I decided to tackle this task.

Many times as I’m rushing to get ready for class, I aggressively whip through my hangers looking for that one specific sweater or t-shirt I want to wear only to be left frustrated that it’s been buried behind all these other pieces. In the end, I have to forgo the piece I’m looking for and just find whatever else matches what I’m already wearing. I would be liar if I told you that after my afternoon  spent cleaning had led me to a pile of untouched clothes waiting to be donated and a clean looking closet was finally mine. No, instead, I didn’t end up having a large pile and no my closet doesn’t look any emptier. Here is my quick guide of tips that might help you “clean up” your closet without having to really lose too many pieces along the battle.

1. Categorize, categorize, categorize: This has been so very helpful for me in organizing my closet. It was basically my step one and I started from one end of the closet and made my way down. Categories differ between everyone but I chose a pretty simple list: jeans/pants, T-shirts/tanks/dresses/blazers/sweaters. From there, I went just a little bit more specific for the dresses and sweaters and shirts. With these I categorized them into Fancy/Casual for the dresses and shirts. From there it really helped me narrow down which pieces I lacked in my closet and which pieces I needed to stop buying (perhaps out of habit) when I go shopping. For me, I own way too many cardigan, in every arm length and shade, however I’m definitely lacking summer dresses. This mental note will help me when I go shopping in the future and bring in more variety to my closet.

2. The Hanger Trick: You might have heard of this one before, it’s not new and definitely used by many. There were a few items in my closet that I wanted to encourage myself to wear more, whether because it simply didn’t match my style but I bought it anyway or it was just always buried behind my go-to pieces. For these pieces I put them on a hanger but turned them around so I could visually see which pieces I’ve marked, just like in this picture (I have funky hanger colors haha):image

3. Mix & Match: Actually spend some time visualizing or trying on different outfits out of your pieces. Since you’ve already devoted time to cleaning your closet, a little more time in styling won’t do any harm. Here you can get some fresh ideas on how to make a new outfit out of clothes you already own. For some pieces (and I do this a lot of times), you buy from the store without really thinking whether you have something that matches it. This could be a danger because the piece ends up sitting in your closet as you say “I’ll just wait until the perfect match comes along”. If you end up finding another piece to make a workable outfit–great! Now you can start wearing it more. If not, make a physical note or use the hanger trick to remind yourself that a) you really need to buy another piece to make an outfit of it b) perhaps it’s time to let it go! Either way, setting a time might help. For me, I’m giving myself one month to find matching pieces and if I can’t find it after the time is up, I’ll be donating the piece since it won’t do any good sitting in my closet anyway.

Hope this guide helps! Anyone else tackling spring cleaning?



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