Polish On!

November 30, 2013 § Leave a comment


Ok, so I may have a slight obsession with nail polish..and sadly, I usually end up thinking about which new colors to experiment with rather than actually painting my nails! So in Hong Kong, we have a beauty cosmetic store called SaSa (not sure how many of you have heard of it), but it’s quite a famous chain here. Every time I pass by, I try my very hardest to hold back and to not go too crazy over all of the cute products. Given the fact that I have been here for 3 months already and my free luggage space is slowly but surely becoming non-existent, self-control from the beginning was necessary. But honestly, it doesn’t help that the store is literally around every corner and the flashing neon lit sign is just singling me out and drawing me over, haha. Anyway, so yesterday, I succumbed and figured, these mini nail polish sets were hard to come across back home. They had a bunch of colors and these were the four that I managed to narrow down to.

I got the white one because I’ve definitely seen this trend try to catch on for a while, and who know? Maybe better luck this coming year? I’ve been iffy in the past to invest in this color since it reminds me of middle school days when girls would use white out as nail polish..but hey! Doesn’t hurt to add it to the collection in case the need comes up, riiiight?

Then, I got red. I borrowed my friend’s red colored nail polish last week and fell in love with the color. I had to get one for myself. This shade is a little different, but it should work well with outfits regardless. Funny story in retrospect though, right after I painted my four nails to show you all how they looked on nails, I spilled half the bottle on my desk and phone..Sigh.

Next, I got a sparkling back color. For all those lovely night outings, this color would be perfect.

And, finally, some golden glitter to get into the Christmas spirit!! :) So excited!

Which one is your favorite nail polish color out of four? Have you discovered any new ones recently? Share with us–we’d love to know!



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