Wanderlust in Guilin

November 27, 2013 § 2 Comments

A perk about studying abroad in Hong Kong is the ease of travelling to different places. November has definitely been a busy one for me, I’ve done three short trips so far. This past weekend, I was in Guilin, China. The scenery was breathtaking and it really made me appreciate a different lifestyle. In the few days I was there, I was able to take a four hour cruise down the Li River, travel to the countryside of Yangshao, climb the Longji Terraced Fields, walk around the several rivers in Guilin, and bargain in the city’s bustling night markets.


One thing that I was obsessed with during my trip was the jewelry. I’m usually quite picky with my selection, but the accessories I found in the night markets were so good–usually I find it hard to find rings or bracelets that fit. With bracelets, I like tight fitting ones so generally I stay away from bangles and I don’t like ones that jingle either. During my trip, I successfully bargained for three bracelets, pictured here. My favorite one would have to be the red Buddha one, though I love them all a lot. They fit perfectly!

I also found this little gem at a tavern outside of the tourist sites I visited. I’ve always wanted a ring with a turquoise colored stone.


Here was an outfit I wanted to share with you all. When travelling, I value comfort over style! Since the weather was quite chilly during the weekend, I wore a Heattech Uniqlo black tee, paired with red pants, and my jean jacket. I’m going to have to say this is my signature travel outfit–and as you can tell, I love colorful outfits!

Guilin1guilin 2guilin 4



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