That “Adult” Life – An Intro

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This blog primarily began as a forum to share our interest in fashion and food, but as time passed I changed quite a bit, for better or for worse. My interests have evolved and I think it’s time that my posts reflect more than the 20% of my life that’s devoted to fashion and food.

Since graduating from college, my life consists of work, meeting new people, maintaining old friendships, finances, figuring out how to use my vacation days, and more. As much as we looked forward to becoming an adult, there are a lot of things we aren’t prepared for. Things we weren’t quite expecting. They say you’re an adult when you turn 18, but I think they failed to mention that when you actually graduate college at 21,  that’s when you start feeling the blow of what “adulthood” truly is. And it often leaves you puzzled and confused…image

Thankfully, I have several friends older than me that have been kind enough to share their wisdom and experiences. Having these people to go to for advice and perspective has been invaluable and I’m grateful for that every day. But as I go through my own experiences, good or bad, and continue to grow, I figure maybe someone out there will find an ounce of value from hearing my side of the story as well. And more importantly, maybe you have some advice to share, and this can truly be a collaborative forum to help guide us in this confusing “adult” world.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a naïve 22 year old that’s just learning to walk on her own two feet. Opinions are constantly evolving and 5 years from now, heck, even  5 months from now, I may completely change my view. Maybe your input will even be the one that gives me new perspective. This is a chance for me to grow even more. So take most of it, if not all of it, with a grain of salt…

Later this week I want to dissect the trials and tribulations of budgeting your life. For some unintuitive reason, it seems like I’m more broke than I was DURING school. Guess that comes as icing on the cake of all your responsibilities! But managing your spending can be a huge relief on your stress both currently and in the future. Look out for this post soon! And let me know your thoughts, comments, questions, and anything of the sort.

See ya soon!

Catastrophe Cosmetic | Lush Fresh Face Mask

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Good morning beautifuls!

Here comes another Lush post where I’ll be reviewing one of their masks on this lovely Saturday. The mask that I bought about two weeks ago was the Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask! This blueberry scented mask is meant to cool and calm troubled skin, as well as deep clean the skin. If you recall, the last time I bought the Cosmetic Warrior mask, I was actually deciding between that one and this Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. They both have soothing properties that are supposed to target troubled skin. At the time though, I leaned towards the Cosmetic Warrior because of the garlic ingredient that was used inside (which is supposed to be great for combating acne and blackheads).

Seeing that Catastrophe Cosmetic was supposed to have a similar effect on the skin, I decided to give it a try. I have to say, I was highly disappointed with this one :(. Normally, a huge Lush fan, I was quite surprised that I didn’t like this product so much. I guess this mask is just not for me.
Some of the things that I noticed already from the first use was that the mask came on very dry. A couple minutes after the mask was settling it, pieces would already be crumbling off. This makes the ordeal quite messy, since I usually like to sit up and read while having a mask on! The other thing is that during the process, the cooling effect did not really last long. The other Lush masks that I used had a much longer-lasting cooling feel (especially the Magnaminty one!). This one…not so much. Finally, as for the skin, I didn’t quite feel a change after each use. Yes, it cleans it, but shouldn’t all masks do this as a basic step? It really did not leave my skin feel any better than before I applied the mask. With all their other masks, I felt an immediate effect.


If you’re interested, I’ve also done reviews on Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior, Oatifix and Mask of Magnaminty!

The nice thing that I do have to say about the product is the Blueberry smell. Lush wins for consistency there! However, I’ve come to terms that the Catastrophe Cosmetic is just not for me. I’m really curious in hearing about your experience with this mask? Do you think I might have just picked up the wrong container? I’m almost tempted to give the product a try again, but will mostly like move on and stick with the old or try yet another new mask! Please share, I’d really love to hear!


Dash of Gold

October 15, 2014 § 2 Comments

A quick post of a nifty heather grey sweater I bought from J. Crew a few weeks ago. I actually had a really difficult time deciding whether I should purchase this or not because in general I’m not the biggest fan of the heather grey color. I feel like the color suits more of a sleepwear look. But, ultimately what got me was the exclamation point! It’s silly, but I love it! It’s so expressive and I just couldn’t stop thinking about this sweater after I left the J. Crew store. It actually wasn’t until I came back home and found it at a store in Canada, that I figured this was probably a sign and made the purchase!image

Admittedly, I wear this on a Friday sometimes because…TGIF :) At my firm, we get to have denim Fridays, so pairing this with jeans along with a blazer makes for a very comfortable last day of the workweek. What drew me to this sweater, aside from the exclamation point (!), was definitely  the gold stitching they used. I’m definitely loving that little bit of gold color.



DIY: Jewelry Board

October 5, 2014 § 2 Comments

One of the things I love doing at home is cleaning and organizing! I’m not kidding, but spending a lazy afternoon sorting through old books, cabinets and de-cluttering gives me such satisfaction. One thing that I’ve come to appreciate from travelling back and forth during college is “the art of” simplicity and a minimalist lifestyle. I used to be a huge hoarder, keeping literally everything from old class notes (from elementary school) to old ticket stubs. Now, I’m not saying I’ve completely become the opposite, throwing everything out, but let’s just say I’ve become a little more selective with what I keep and what I toss. In case you’re wondering, ticket stubs = still keep, lol.

So this past week, I was going through the apartment to see what was still left to unpack (yes, I’m a little behind that, even though I’ve moved back to Canada for a couple months now). And alas, I came across an old bulletin board that I used to have up in my old room. I was thinking of hanging it up, but actually found another one that I had bought in addition to this small one a few years back. So, I thought, instead of donating one of the boards, why not use it for a DIY project that I’ve wanted to try for a long time: a jewelry board, perfect for necklaces in particular. Side note: I have a huge pet peeve for necklaces getting tangled. I get so frustrated trying to deknot them or detangle them, urgh!!

Another things about this project is that I was absolute set on using whatever I could find at home to work with, so I didn’t have to go out and buy more to make use of something old. Remember, the point of this was to re-use and de-clutter! Not…buy more to de-clutter. Anyway, I ended up finding a stack of old scrapbook paper with interesting designs, which I used to make this jewelry board look fancier.


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Back to Business

October 1, 2014 § 4 Comments

This title pretty much sums it all up. Don’t worry Natsumi and I haven’t been kidnapped by aliens or anything, we’ve just been really, really busy lately! These past few weeks since coming back from Los Angeles, I’ve been swamped with everything!! September has definitely been crunch time for me as I was just adjusting to full-time work, was studying for the LSAT as well keeping myself on top of law school applications!! I just took the LSAT this past Saturday, thank goodness gracious that is done with. Sitting here, blogging, it’s a wonder I survived September, but I’m very excited for what’s to come now! This will be the first weekend since coming back home when I can actually have some me-time and relax. Any other pre-law students out there applying for law school right now?

I have to say though, eating right and sleeping right has definitely made September a lot less daunting as it might sound. With enough energy, I feel refreshed each day, ready to tackle whatever is ahead of me! If that’s one piece of advice I can give everyone, it would definitely have to be that! Anyway, now that the LSAT test is over with, I can get back to the blogging routine and share with you some weekly tidbits. Currently, I’m actually reading Blog, Inc. It’s a really good book for bloggers and has great tips for everyone between the status of newbie and professional. Since starting work, I’ve been trying to mix and match my wardrobe so that’s it’s not always boring. Here’s a quick outfit post that I wanted to share of what I wore to work today. Typically I don’t like wearing dress shirts, but when I paired it with this salt and pepper sweater, it toned down the seriousness and made the outfit a lot more comfortable. I paired it with black heels from Nine West, which are super comfortable.

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Head Over Heels for Kiehl’s!

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I recently wrote a post about Kiehl’s Calendula Toner and at the time I made the purchase, the lady helping me out at their store gave me a sample packet to try their Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser. Since trying the cleanser, I’ve been sold on this product! The sample packets gave me about three morning washes, and already from there, I could feel that this cleanser was a necessity for my morning face routine. First off, I love that the cleanser needs only about a pea-size amount for a great, thick lather. Second, it’s perfect for normal to oily skin, which really makes my skin feel good even after a long work day. Finally, the wash really scrubs out impurities and dirt and makes my face feel fresh and clean!


The cleanser is different from what I’m used to as I usually like cleansers that have exfoliating beads, but because this cleanser already does a great job in digging out those impurities, I have no complaints in this aspect. The only caveat that I have for this cleanser is that it does leave that sticky feeling (you know the one you get after using certain soaps?) that might deter some users. This isn’t really a big deal for me, but I guess this is definitely a preference issue!


P.S. The lady at the store gave me a sample packet for the gel cream that is also part of the ultra facial oil-free product line, and let me tell you all, you might be seeing a post on that soon! Like my title says, I am most definitely head over heels for Kiehl’s at the moment :)

Alexander Wang x H&M

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There comes a point when a girl will go to any lengths for the ultimate collaboration. In anticipation for the upcoming collab between Alexander Wang and H&M, I’ve been scouring the web for any news on the collection. Recently, there were a few pictures released by Vogue (source: Racked) that give a sneak peek at what we can expect.
awangNow as much as I love the sporty aesthetic promoted by Alexander Wang, a NorCal native, I have to admit that my feelings are a little conflicted. Some of these pieces are beautiful, no doubt, yet they have a very unique style. But how does “unique” work for a mass-retailer like H&M? For example, the white dress, while absolutely stunning, catches your eye and is easy to identify as a Alexander Wang piece. With so many pieces flooding the streets, can it still have the same designer appeal? You could be walking down 3rd Street in your Wang x H&M dress only to be met with 8 other style-conscious girl wearing the same thing. Unlike basics, the apparel of this collaboration stands out in a crowd and you’re more likely to notice this slightly awkward phenomena.

I’m all about accessibility, and that’s why I love these collabs, but it does make me wonder these things…. What do you guys think? I’m definitely still excited and can’t wait to see more in the coming months.

Let me know your thoughts!
– Natsumi


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