It’s Been Real…(hot)

August 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

Tell me that Summer is coming to a close and I won’t believe a word of it; LA’s hot as ever and I’m loving every minute of it! On these hot weekends, you’ll catch me wearing as little as possible (in the most appropriate way!) to catch the rays and stay cool. imageSince moving to the DTLA area a couple of months ago, all I’ve wanted to do is explore and find cute, new eateries. Here I’m wearing a casual outfit to brunch in the Arts District to try out Zinc Cafe, a healthy eatery with plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the weather!
imageI love this outfit for its unexpected twist. From the front, it’s a simple and clean look from head to toe, but turn around and it instantly has a bit of an edgier feel!

Outfit Details:
Top // Sparkle & Fade
Shorts // American Apparel
Belt // j.crew
Bag // marc by marc jacobs
Shoes // H&M

imageimageI can’t wait for the coming weekend; with only a day away, I’m in the mood to get all my work/errands done so that I can have a leisurely weekend. Almost there!!!

- Natsumi

Color of the Wind

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A recent outfit of the day consisted a burst in color. Not my usual style, I would say, this “artpop” dress definitely took me out of my comfort zones of simple black dresses and mini floral patterns. This Forever 21 dress has a simple black top, but transitions into a bold bottom dress that even bubbles out with the intentional pleating and extra fabric–giving it a slight “poofy” look. At times I actually felt like a walking contemporary art piece, haha.
image I also cannot get enough of my Birks. I never was a huge fan of the style until everyone back home recommended it, especially for walking long-distances. The arc support is much better than your average sandals and the sandal’s durability and sturdiness makes it my current go-to choice of shoes. image


I couldn’t exactly decide what kind of occasion to wear this dress to either, but I hate when clothes just sit in the closet, never seeing a day out in the sun. So I opted to wear it out for a night out in Downtown LA. What do you all think about bold dresses like these? Any that are your current favorites? Share below!


Daily Dose of That California Sun

August 14, 2014 § 5 Comments

I planned a very last minute trip to sunny, sunny California and it is truly hot here! High 80’s to 90’s has been the norm, which means summer dresses everyday for me, haha. These few days I’ve just been eating, exploring and hanging out with friends. I’m very excited to hit the beach soon and plan some hiking excursions here and there. With these few short weeks, I’m hoping that I can squeeze as much fun, exercise and sun out of this summer before I start full-time work! It’ll be an interesting transition packing away all those casual outfits for more work-related attire..but alas, for now, I’m taking advantage of the time I have and the outfit pieces I love! image

Here’s a quick snap of an outfit I put together yesterday. It basically embodies summer for me. The morning was actually so bright (no clouds in sight!!), I could barely see anything without my sunglasses. It’s a very cute white summer dress with a solid white base layered underneath a crochet designed outer layer

In this outfit: 

H&M // Dress



Brew at the Zoo

August 12, 2014 § 3 Comments

This past Friday, I got to attend the “Brew at the Zoo” event where tons of breweries set up shop throughout the zoo to give samples of their brewskies. Surprised to hear there’s even a zoo in Los Angeles? Yea, me too.imageSure, I’ll enjoy the occasional draft, but let’s be real here…a mojito is much more of my calling! Regardless, the event was the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about beer and people watch. And let’s not forget the animals! Of which my favorite were definitely the reptiles and elephants. Does catching that giant snake give it away?imageFor my outfit, I went to my comfort zone, donning black everything. The good thing that keeps the look from looking too goth is that each piece has a feminine and unique feature.

Outfit Details:
High-neck Tank // Brandy Melville
Fringe Shawl // Velvet Thorn
High-Wasted Pants // BDG
Booties // H&Mimage

imageThese days, I feel like beer festivals are all the rage; I’m glad I got to try one out! Are you guys a fan of these events? What are some good upcoming ones?


Date Night

August 7, 2014 § 1 Comment

Just a quick post of an outfit I wore the other week for a night out in town! I bought the skirt a while back on my trip to Seattle and never found the right top for it. The length at first makes it look quite conservative, but the lace lining at the bottom adds some fun and feminine features, thankfully avoiding the complete somber look. A horrible habit I have is buying individual outfit pieces without thinking further into what it could match with (whether these are pieces that I can find in my closet or in store at the moment). It’s a bad habit because I end up bringing the new piece back home, excitingly wanting to wear it immediately..only to find I have nothing that goes with it. Well, this skirt was in the same situation and I couldn’t wear it out until I found this beautiful black metallic colored top with sequins. Since it is a crop top, I thought the cuts perfectly matched between the high crop top and the top of the skirt.

Voilà, perfect for a date night kind of outfit, don’t you think?

In this outfit
top // Zara
skirt // Urban Outfitters


Breaking Drab

August 5, 2014 § 2 Comments

A quick snapshot of one of my outfits while training in Virginia! I love putting a fun and playful twist to the “business casual” look and steering away from the usual drab you often see. (Don’t mind the disheveled hotel mirror pic! haha)
imageIf I’m being completely honest, I have to admit that since starting a full-time job 3 months ago, I have yet to wear pants to work… Besides the fact that I like my skirts and dresses, the truth of the matter is that I’m too short to find proper fitting business pants. I’ve tried the petite section at numerous stores to no avail! Even though I can get them hemmed, they never really turn out quite the way they’re designed to look. imageRegardless, skirts and dresses have given me more than enough cute outfits that leave me confident in the work place. My favorite stores right now for a flattering business casual are J.Crew and Banana Republic.

Dressing up for work doesn’t mean you have to break the bank either! I love the thrill of finding good deals during seasonal sales where I get more bang for my buck. This gorgeous green skirt I’m featuring in this outfit is from J.Crew and made out of high-quality material; a steal when I think of how I got it for under $30!

Now I’m just itching to go shopping for more work appropriate pieces!!

Between the Folds

August 1, 2014 § 9 Comments

I recently realized that my go-to business attire color is simply black. I know, I know–not exactly fitting for the summer and can seem a bit heavy and boring to some. But to me, I love it–I feel like it makes my outfits look clean-cut, chic and professional, while still allowing me to add variety through textures and cuts. I also feel like a classic black dress is so necessary for work. I typically lean towards dresses with interesting cuts, which brings me to a recent Zara dress that I found in store. It has a very simple top design but the bottom becomes very interesting. As you can see the dress has a diagonal zipper parting, where the folds of the dress overlap. What I particularly like about it is the strong straight fold. It definitely caught my eye and was the reason why I decided to make the purchase!New Image3

Oh also, regardless of any dress or outfit in general, I always, always, always remember to bring a cardigan to work. If there’s any advice I can give, carrying around an “emergency cardigan” for extreme office temperatures would definitely be the one! Here, I opted for a grey sweater!

New ImageNew Image1





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