Until Next Time Los Angeles..

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I just finished unpacking and it’s time to get back into the work grind. The last night in Los Angeles was incredibly bittersweet. My three weeks vacation there now seems to have gone in a blink of an eye and I am so fortunate to have spent it doing so many things–from hiking, shopping, eating, exploring and going on roadtrips (Santa Barbara & San Diego), my list of things to do was definitely satisfied. I also got to see a lot of my friends and catching up with them is one of life’s greatest feelings. What I love most of this city is truly the endless possibilities to explore and more importantly, the sense of adventure it gives me. I haven’t even started planning when I’d like to visit again and this might sound crazy, but regardless of this fact, I’ve already been making a mental list of the places I want to eat at or things I want to do in LA! I simply can’t wait until next time xx.

For now though, I’ll reminisce with a few unique moments from my trip:

1. #RubberDuckLA – I actually remembered very last minute that the big yellow Rubber Duck was making a stop in LA, and funnily enough, I found out the night before I planned to go to Santa Barbara. So the morning of the trip, we made a quick stop to check this attraction out! It was hilarious seeing everyone takinga selfie with it, hah.image

2. Kayaking in Long Beach – just perfect!image

3. Roadtrip – California is perfect for roadtrips, there are so many amazing cities around that have a completely different vibe from SoCal LA, it’s sometimes nice for a short getaway!


4. The Ice Bar – really awesome little place in West Covina that let’s you personalize popsicles with different flavors! Need I also mention, they’re so adorable?!image

This photo was taken on my last night in LA, spent the night at the Grove, watching a movie and walking under the stars. All smiles there! See you again, LA! Missing Cali already


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hazy mornings.

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Rolling out of bed and out the door is my preferred method of getting to work. Whether it’s to get to class or to work like me, I’m quite certain that many of you are getting sea sick on the same boat as me. On days where I was too lazy to pick out an outfit the night before, the simpler the better. Despite being in that morning haze, I manage to get on a presentable outfit. imageDisguised ingeniously as a fitted top, the black base I have on is actually a dress. This is one of the best basics to have when you’re in a rush. It’ll go with basically anything, and all you have to do is pick a skirt and you’re done! No thought, no fuss. I especially like this skirt because it’s a fun print without being overbearingly loud, and more importantly, it’s comfortable. Just because you’re at work, it’s doesn’t mean you have to be in a stiff and stuffy suit all day. imageLook out for more future work OOTDs on this blog (and not just ’cause they’re easier)!

- Natsumi

August Favorites || The Height of Summer

August 23, 2014 § 2 Comments

What I love about these “favorite” posts is that we can really see how our palettes are constantly changing, whether this is with the clothes we wear or the accessories and make up that flow in and out of our routines. I can easily fall in love with different outfits. Comfort, simplicity and style are what draws me to pieces and the pieces that have all three quickly become a staple in my closet…at least until the next one comes along. Since it’s still the height of summer here in LA, my favorites are definitely influenced by this fact!


1. Black Kimchi Blu Lace Dress // UO – So great for fancier events

2. Flower patterned dress //Garage - This one has an open back, perfect for soaking up that summer sun. Back cut-outs have been very popular this summer!

3. Vintage Celine Wallet – My absolute favorite wallet this summer. It’s thin with such plain colors (tan and brown), it exudes minimalism to me.

4. Birkenstocks - I’ve noticed that opinions on these shoes have a hard line dividing those who absolutely love them and those who cannot stand them (as you can tell, I clearly fall in the former group)


1 & 2. Sugar Lip Balm and Lip Stick – Cute little minis for on-the-go gals

3. Smashbox Pout Lip Gloss – so, so perfect to go with a tan! This is a yearly summer favorite, hands down.

Hope you enjoyed my August Favorites! Leave a comment on some of yours–I’d love to hear!


It’s Been Real…(hot)

August 21, 2014 § 2 Comments

Tell me that Summer is coming to a close and I won’t believe a word of it; LA’s hot as ever and I’m loving every minute of it! On these hot weekends, you’ll catch me wearing as little as possible (in the most appropriate way!) to catch the rays and stay cool. imageSince moving to the DTLA area a couple of months ago, all I’ve wanted to do is explore and find cute, new eateries. Here I’m wearing a casual outfit to brunch in the Arts District to try out Zinc Cafe, a healthy eatery with plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy the weather!
imageI love this outfit for its unexpected twist. From the front, it’s a simple and clean look from head to toe, but turn around and it instantly has a bit of an edgier feel!

Outfit Details:
Top // Sparkle & Fade
Shorts // American Apparel
Belt // j.crew
Bag // marc by marc jacobs
Shoes // H&M

imageimageI can’t wait for the coming weekend; with only a day away, I’m in the mood to get all my work/errands done so that I can have a leisurely weekend. Almost there!!!

- Natsumi

Color of the Wind

August 19, 2014 § 2 Comments


A recent outfit of the day consisted a burst in color. Not my usual style, I would say, this “artpop” dress definitely took me out of my comfort zones of simple black dresses and mini floral patterns. This Forever 21 dress has a simple black top, but transitions into a bold bottom dress that even bubbles out with the intentional pleating and extra fabric–giving it a slight “poofy” look. At times I actually felt like a walking contemporary art piece, haha.
image I also cannot get enough of my Birks. I never was a huge fan of the style until everyone back home recommended it, especially for walking long-distances. The arc support is much better than your average sandals and the sandal’s durability and sturdiness makes it my current go-to choice of shoes. image


I couldn’t exactly decide what kind of occasion to wear this dress to either, but I hate when clothes just sit in the closet, never seeing a day out in the sun. So I opted to wear it out for a night out in Downtown LA. What do you all think about bold dresses like these? Any that are your current favorites? Share below!


Daily Dose of That California Sun

August 14, 2014 § 5 Comments

I planned a very last minute trip to sunny, sunny California and it is truly hot here! High 80’s to 90’s has been the norm, which means summer dresses everyday for me, haha. These few days I’ve just been eating, exploring and hanging out with friends. I’m very excited to hit the beach soon and plan some hiking excursions here and there. With these few short weeks, I’m hoping that I can squeeze as much fun, exercise and sun out of this summer before I start full-time work! It’ll be an interesting transition packing away all those casual outfits for more work-related attire..but alas, for now, I’m taking advantage of the time I have and the outfit pieces I love! image

Here’s a quick snap of an outfit I put together yesterday. It basically embodies summer for me. The morning was actually so bright (no clouds in sight!!), I could barely see anything without my sunglasses. It’s a very cute white summer dress with a solid white base layered underneath a crochet designed outer layer

In this outfit: 

H&M // Dress




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