Head Over Heels for Kiehl’s!

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I recently wrote a post about Kiehl’s Calendula Toner and at the time I made the purchase, the lady helping me out at their store gave me a sample packet to try their Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser. Since trying the cleanser, I’ve been sold on this product! The sample packets gave me about three morning washes, and already from there, I could feel that this cleanser was a necessity for my morning face routine. First off, I love that the cleanser needs only about a pea-size amount for a great, thick lather. Second, it’s perfect for normal to oily skin, which really makes my skin feel good even after a long work day. Finally, the wash really scrubs out impurities and dirt and makes my face feel fresh and clean!


The cleanser is different from what I’m used to as I usually like cleansers that have exfoliating beads, but because this cleanser already does a great job in digging out those impurities, I have no complaints in this aspect. The only caveat that I have for this cleanser is that it does leave that sticky feeling (you know the one you get after using certain soaps?) that might deter some users. This isn’t really a big deal for me, but I guess this is definitely a preference issue!


P.S. The lady at the store gave me a sample packet for the gel cream that is also part of the ultra facial oil-free product line, and let me tell you all, you might be seeing a post on that soon! Like my title says, I am most definitely head over heels for Kiehl’s at the moment :)

Alexander Wang x H&M

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There comes a point when a girl will go to any lengths for the ultimate collaboration. In anticipation for the upcoming collab between Alexander Wang and H&M, I’ve been scouring the web for any news on the collection. Recently, there were a few pictures released by Vogue (source: Racked) that give a sneak peek at what we can expect.
awangNow as much as I love the sporty aesthetic promoted by Alexander Wang, a NorCal native, I have to admit that my feelings are a little conflicted. Some of these pieces are beautiful, no doubt, yet they have a very unique style. But how does “unique” work for a mass-retailer like H&M? For example, the white dress, while absolutely stunning, catches your eye and is easy to identify as a Alexander Wang piece. With so many pieces flooding the streets, can it still have the same designer appeal? You could be walking down 3rd Street in your Wang x H&M dress only to be met with 8 other style-conscious girl wearing the same thing. Unlike basics, the apparel of this collaboration stands out in a crowd and you’re more likely to notice this slightly awkward phenomena.

I’m all about accessibility, and that’s why I love these collabs, but it does make me wonder these things…. What do you guys think? I’m definitely still excited and can’t wait to see more in the coming months.

Let me know your thoughts!
– Natsumi


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Boy, has it been a crazy whirlwind these past couple of weeks! From having several friends visiting LA and attending the Made in America festival in downtown to working at the 2014 Streamy Awards, I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy lately. But one constant in my life is my weekday routine of dressing for work. Apart from the fact that I’m extremely partial to black, it’s nice to introduce other neutrals into my outfits. imageI personally love this outfit because it has a feminine touch while remaining professional and modest. The best part is that it can easily work for a happy hour after work with some friends!

Outfit Details:
Blazer // H&M
Top (actually a slip/romper) // H&M
Skirt // Club Monaco
Shoes // Calvin Klein

imageimageI’m excited to take a breather this week without too much hustle and bustle, but if you want to keep up with fun events in our lives, catch us on instagram @veradulceblog !

- Natsumi

Sun Daze-d

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Happy Sunday morning everyone. Coffee, sleep-ins, PJs–all checked for today! I just finished with my first week of work (hence the slight delay in this post–sorry!). On top of work, I’m also studying for the LSATs and trying to maintain a healthy eating and sleeping schedule so as you can already tell, I’m very fortunate to finally have some time to work on the blog right now! I’m always grateful for the time spent on this blog, because every day I’m reminded of how far we’ve come with this amazing creative outlet!

Today, I want to share with you some pictures of an outfit I wore a couple days ago. In this post, I’m wearing a dress from Garage Clothing, not positive if they have stores in the US, but I’ve seen a couple back home, and I picked this one up in the beginning of summer. It’s a tiered dress (if you can see closely from the first picture, there’s two tiers), which I thought was quite unique cause it gives a slight feeling of a flare at the bottom. There’s also a large cut-out on the back of the dress. I’ve definitely noticed that these types of dresses were very “in” this season (similar: Brandy Melville’s Jada Dress). I’m not complaining–they’re so comfortable! I paired this with a cardigan that I bought during my roadtrip to Santa Barbara. It’s dark blue/grey and thin enough for the summer warmth!



In this outfit

Dress // Garage Clothing
Cardigan // Hanger 221
Shoes // Forever 21
Necklace // Leola Lace


Awkward posing–pretty sure this was snapped right after I finished dancing to a Tswift song, haha.


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Until Next Time Los Angeles..

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I just finished unpacking and it’s time to get back into the work grind. The last night in Los Angeles was incredibly bittersweet. My three weeks vacation there now seems to have gone in a blink of an eye and I am so fortunate to have spent it doing so many things–from hiking, shopping, eating, exploring and going on roadtrips (Santa Barbara & San Diego), my list of things to do was definitely satisfied. I also got to see a lot of my friends and catching up with them is one of life’s greatest feelings. What I love most of this city is truly the endless possibilities to explore and more importantly, the sense of adventure it gives me. I haven’t even started planning when I’d like to visit again and this might sound crazy, but regardless of this fact, I’ve already been making a mental list of the places I want to eat at or things I want to do in LA! I simply can’t wait until next time xx.

For now though, I’ll reminisce with a few unique moments from my trip:

1. #RubberDuckLA – I actually remembered very last minute that the big yellow Rubber Duck was making a stop in LA, and funnily enough, I found out the night before I planned to go to Santa Barbara. So the morning of the trip, we made a quick stop to check this attraction out! It was hilarious seeing everyone takinga selfie with it, hah.image

2. Kayaking in Long Beach – just perfect!image

3. Roadtrip – California is perfect for roadtrips, there are so many amazing cities around that have a completely different vibe from SoCal LA, it’s sometimes nice for a short getaway!


4. The Ice Bar – really awesome little place in West Covina that let’s you personalize popsicles with different flavors! Need I also mention, they’re so adorable?!image

This photo was taken on my last night in LA, spent the night at the Grove, watching a movie and walking under the stars. All smiles there! See you again, LA! Missing Cali already


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hazy mornings.

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Rolling out of bed and out the door is my preferred method of getting to work. Whether it’s to get to class or to work like me, I’m quite certain that many of you are getting sea sick on the same boat as me. On days where I was too lazy to pick out an outfit the night before, the simpler the better. Despite being in that morning haze, I manage to get on a presentable outfit. imageDisguised ingeniously as a fitted top, the black base I have on is actually a dress. This is one of the best basics to have when you’re in a rush. It’ll go with basically anything, and all you have to do is pick a skirt and you’re done! No thought, no fuss. I especially like this skirt because it’s a fun print without being overbearingly loud, and more importantly, it’s comfortable. Just because you’re at work, it’s doesn’t mean you have to be in a stiff and stuffy suit all day. imageLook out for more future work OOTDs on this blog (and not just ’cause they’re easier)!

- Natsumi


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